Heather Sandifer

extraordinary botanicals



My fascination and great love for the natural world remains steadfast and has informed my entire life. Naturalists, plant hunters and wilderness explorers filled my youthful pantheon of heroes. Try as I might to this day, I cannot be long or far away from where the wilderness lives – my ‘tyranny of green’.

Seeking a deeper connection with this world as an artist, I created a new kind of art – one that combines the hands-on techniques of nature printing (when images are created directly from natural objects) with those for the traditional monotype. The resulting works are unique images and do not have a repeatable matrix such as an etched plate or screen. They are each one of a kind.

Apart from the color, texture, shape and form of the subject, singularity also derives from the technical approach selected for each piece. My nature monotypes include those in which actual plant material remains imbedded in the piece to those in which all material is removed and color is applied in layers. Other techniques include additional brushwork, drawing and working color both on top and beneath the piece, utilizing the translucency of the vellum. All this allows me to interpret each subject to its fullest. The end product is the result of an intense and active collaboration between artist and subject and it is always a joy to wrestle with the material and see what ultimately transpires.

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